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I got lucky with the witch at Bingo Cams Casino!

The Love of Online GamblingShh. It’s a secret. There’s a sexy witch out there, paying you to play with her. She’s hiding at Bingo Cams Casino and she goes by the name Lucky. If hot action with a sexy cast does it for you, I suggest checking out some of the alluring games that this site has to offer. Whether it’s a Halloween, movie, action or a gentleman’s theme you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. The play is fun with exciting features that other online casinos just don’t offer.

Finding gaming that hold my attention has become a whole lot simpler since I found Super Free Slot Games. The casinos available each provide a truly entertaining environment with many unique gaming options. I have spent countless hours looking for the “right” place to play, where I could spend my time having fun, not searching for an interesting game. Now, I have a one stop shop, with ever-changing choices that fit my budget and expectations for quality gaming.

So, as far as the witch goes, I’m thinking of asking her if she’d like an exclusive thing, because any time I get paid to have fun… alright! The perks of this game were nice, with a mystery bonus and fifteen paylines. I also noticed that I won more free spins than on many other free slots I’ve tried. That was a nice change. I think I’ll take my chances and see how lucky I can get with the Lucky witch. I’ve got a few more hours of spinning stamina right now.

Now, that’s not to say I won’t be checking out the Playboy game or any other of the multitude of choices they offer. It seems to me, though, if you have a good thing going, stick with it. I am going to try the T2 game out because, you know, it’s Arnie. If I have half the fun with it as I did playing the other one, I’ll be hooked on Bingo Cams for good!

The registration was simple and got me playing fast with some free money to start. I was on a roll from there, stacking coin quickly with the fast paced gameplay. This site was so easy to use. Easy, hot, free money! What more could you ask for? I’m sure anyone who tries this site will agree, this is one hell of a fun time. They really give you more bang for your buck.

Bingo: Simple game with simple rules

Be it online or offline playing any game, has certain basic rules that a player needs to know. Only if players follow all the rules and regulations of the game then will be confident with what they are doing. Online bingo is a very simple game, but since this game involves money there are certain precautions one must take.

Most important factor that a player must look into while choosing a site to play at is whether the site is having a reliable customer support team or not. This makes a major difference especially for novice players. There will be luring offers and players might not know how to make use of them or where to look, these queries and doubts can only be answered by the customer support team. However, in popular sites there are seasoned players and chat hosts that are available to answer all your queries.

Firstly, make sure you gather all the information and reviews of the site which you desire to play and then register. The internet has a plenty of review sites and portals which provide all the latest updated information about bingo sites that you need, so make use of it and later decide to play on the site or choose a better one.

The best way for a player to become acquainted themselves with online bingo is by beginning to play on sites that offer no deposit bonus for instance- The site offers all newbies a free sign up bonus of £5. This bonus will be immediately credited to the players account after their registration, which allows them to access and play all the free games available in the site.Players can also avail a free play worth £65 on making a minimum deposit of £10. Newbies can also enjoy some crazy bonuses of 500%, 300% and 350% on the first three consecutive deposits.

Out of the plenty, this site has remarkably managed to instill all the excellent quality into their site. It is is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Commission and have a great collection of bingo games which includes various bingo classics like 90-ball,75-ball 80-ball, 30-ball bingo. Continue reading

Drive-In Bingo: What’s it all about?

The Rise Of Drive-In BingoWe’ve all heard about Drive-In theatres, but did you know how they began? Did you also know there was a new craze in Ireland for drive-in bingo? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

Motivated by his mother’s inability to sit comfortably in typical Cinema seats, Richard M. Hollingshead invented the drive-in theatre concept in 1932. Advertised as “Entertainment for the whole family, even your noisy children”, the idea quickly caught on with cars being charged just 25 cents. By the mid 60’s, the American love affair with automobiles had led to the development of 4,000 theatres across the country. One drive-in theatre was the Johnny All-Weather Drive-In which covered 29 acres and could park 2,500 vehicles based in Long Island, New York. It also had a restaurant with roof-seating, a children’s playground and indoor theatre for bad weather and daytime showings.

The advent of colour TV’s, film rentals and rising property prices led to a sharp decline in drive-in theatres in the US over the next few decades. The drive-in theatres dependence on dark nights and good weather led to many cancellations which made it inconvenient for regular trips. The theatres also only operated in the Summer months offering b-rated Hollywood movies, no match for the summer blockbusters. Some theatres still remain, mainly as a novelty attraction for those seeking nostalgic entertainment, though many drive-ins including one in Manchester are successfully still in operation.

The Rise Of Drive-In Bingo

Bingo is another industry that’s had its fair share of decline since the early 70’s, so it’s quite fitting that a new craze in Ireland is combining these two concepts together in a surprising mashup. The rise of internet bingo, the smoking ban and tax increases on bingo profits led to many closures, with only 400 remaining in the UK. Continue reading