Fraudulent Online Casino

Fraudulent Online Casino: Features

Fraudulent Online CasinoWe can’t say that the problem of fraudulent online casinos is nowadays the most acute one. Still, there are some dishonest casinos in online gambling market.

It is quite easy to identify a dishonest online casino. There are lots of features that will tell you that you are dealing with swindlers.

Main Features of Fraudulent Online Casinos

The first thing that catches your eye is an online casino’s website, its design and interface, contact details, and of course, content. Usually, a fraudulent casino is created in a hurry or by people who are far from being competent in this field.  Some sections may seem practically empty or there may be no such a section at all. Contact information may include email address only. Out of a wide range of payment systems, a fraudulent online casino may support only one or two of them. However, you may come across smart swindlers who copy design of a reputable online casino, create a similar name and accept payments from several popular payment systems. In this case, before making your first deposit, you should consult online gambling forums in order to find out whether a casino with such a name really exists and for how long and read other players’ reviews and comments.

Customer Support and Software Manufacturer

Contacting customer support is an effective way of clearing up the situation. You can ask for a license, ask about existing mechanisms of honest game, specify some details of user agreement which must be provided at the website.

Every online casino uses gaming software produced by a certain software manufacturer. If  you haven’t found its name on the website, ask customer support operator and send this company an inquiry to confirm the information.

Trying to imitate an honest online casinos, some swindlers give false information saying that their casino is a rightful member of one of auditing associations. Find contact details of this association and check if this is true.