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What to look for in a good online casino

online casinoRight across the board, the gambling world has experienced unprecedented surges in popularity over recent years as scores of new people are attracted by the lure of big money jackpots and the thrill of a high stakes game.

Nowhere is this more evident than with online casinos. More and more of them are cropping up across the web on a regular basis, all offering the chance to win real money on slots, card games and roulette wheels from the comfort of our own homes.


Yet with so many options to chose from, what should we be looking for when deciding where to place our bets and play our favourite casino games?

A reputable name

There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the best casino to spend our money, but perhaps the most important is choosing an established gambling company with a reputable name.

Many of the big name bookmakers like WIlliam Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral all offer online betting and casino games, and there are smaller companies who, whilst not enjoying quite the same reputation, have certainly enjoyed a long tenure on the web.

This is good news for gamblers, as it means the site isn’t likely to go offline any time soon and take your money with it. It also means that, if there is a problem, you’ll be able to get swift, efficient support from a company who cares about providing good quality services. Continue reading

Australian Online Casino or the Real Deal?

Since the dawn of the Internet, casinos have been entering the online world in the hope of appealing to new players and creating a whole new online gambling experience.

Land based casinos and online casinos both have unique advantages that are in their favour in the land based versus online casinos debate. But the question is; do Australians prefer online or land based casinos?

The major advantage of land-based casinos is the atmosphere. There is nothing quite like it. As hard as they try, online casinos are unable to (and are very unlikely to ever) capture the atmosphere of the land-based casino.

Another major argument for the land-based casinos is the question “how fair are online casinos?”

With a computer generating the results, can you really be sure they are unbiased and fair? In big name Australian online casino companies, you can be sure that the results are fair and unpredictable, where as the fairness of online casinos is not easily verified. Many people still doubt how fair online casinos can really be.

To counter the argument for the land-based casino, online casinos have brought in live dealer games. This allows players to see all the actions of the dealer; gamers can experience the casino atmosphere and players can see the cards on the table and can use this knowledge to help them with strategies in games such as Blackjack.

Online casinos also have another advantage over online casinos in that they can offer games that land-based casinos can’t. For example, online casinos offer many variations of all the popular, traditional games. Roulette is a great example of this, as you can now play games such as Pinball Roulette.

Although you do miss out on some of the atmosphere of a land-based casino, if you are an Australian looking for an all round great gaming experience, online casinos are definitely the place to play games online.

Verdict: Australian online casinos are best.